The After Party 025 - Taskmaster and Punisher Retrospective
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In this episode, Will is joined by his OG partner in crime Nate to take a look back at 2 lethal renegades from MCP, Taskmaster and Punisher.  The guys talk about how valuable Taskmaster's Rogue Agent is in the current iteration of MCP with so many characters in most affiliations.  They also talk about ways to get him into optimal matchups and how he can hit above his weight class.  The gang also talks about Punisher and how he can benefit the right team, mainly Brotherhood.  They discuss whether or not he's held back by his lack of affiliation and if he can still be useful without one.  All this and more inside PLUS a Secret Code for the big Giveaway!  Enjoy! We have a Patreon Connect with us on Facebook @housepartyprotocol Discord - HPP_Greg or HPP_Will Email us - The Gamer's Guild - HOUSEPARTY15 War Colours BATerrain - Joshua Russell
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