The After Party 028 - Storm and Cyclops Retrospective
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In this episode, Will is joined by Lexa from the Morlocks podcast to talk about the two leaders for the X-Men affiliation, Storm and Cyclops.  The gang takes a look at what makes these characters tick and how to get the most out of their unique Leadership abilities.  Is Cyclops seeing a bit of a come up?  Where does he excel?  How do you get the most of out of his unique support abilities?  What about Storm?  Is her leadership as good as it has been thought?  Is there untapped potential in this affiliation?  All this and more inside!  Enjoy! We have a Patreon Connect with us on Facebook @housepartyprotocol Discord - HPP_Greg or HPP_Will Email us - [email protected] The Gamer's Guild - HOUSEPARTY15 War Colours BATerrain - Joshua Russell
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