The Impossible Question
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Today's episode is taking on a question that some of the finest minds across human civilisation have put their minds to - what the hell is going on with eels?! Plus; it's hammer time with Birda as we go south of the equator to meet the Hamerkop, debate what animal legs would make the best replacement for our own.. whilst it all gets a little meta in Roddy's fight with the Sarcastic Fringehead. To learn more about our partners Birda and download their free birdwatching app, visit their website at   To support the show by leaving us a donation to help keep growing the podcast, please visit:  
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Published 09/19/23
After some spectacular summer specials with guests, we're back with just Roddy and Jack on the mics for an episode that returns to the purest of goose roots and looks at a weird animal you've (probably) never heard of before - Australia's own antechinus (..... .... antechini?).  Then, get comfy...
Published 09/19/23
Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats in the auditorium as tonight's performance from the Goose Philharmonic is set to begin! Join us in welcoming composer Kain Ravaei to our first transatlantic episode (via the power of internet) as he takes us through both his work and the wider world of...
Published 08/15/23