How to care for your community with radical hospitality (with Doniece Sandoval)
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Do you volunteer in your community? Don’t feel bad if the answer is no. Whether you are currently involved in a cause or not, you probably have some mental image of what it means to be a volunteer. Doniece Sandoval has been doing transformative work for years, most recently as the founder of Lava MaeX, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that began by converting public transportation buses into bathrooms on wheels for the homeless. In today’s episode, she shares tips on how to get started with a cause you care about, and debunks myths about volunteerism that might have kept you from taking action in the first place. Doniece’s work is driven by what she calls “radical hospitality”, the idea that raising the bar on how you serve people is revolutionary. Since launching its service, Lava MaeX has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 Californians. Before tackling hygiene for the homeless, Doniece worked in the arts as head of marketing at the San Jose Museum of Art, and in branding at several major private sector companies. Doniece was recognized as a 2017 CNN Hero. To learn more about "How to Be a Better Human," host Chris Duffy, or find footnotes and additional resources, please visit:
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