Rob Pope chats to Diana Nyad, the only person to ever complete the treacherous 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida – or even attempt to do so without the use of a shark cage. Diana reveals why, after an unsuccessful attempt, she decided to revisit the swim 30 years later – and how, after continuous failed attempts after that, she found the will to keep on trying until she finally succeeded. Sharing anecdotes from her five gruelling quests, Diana talks about how she endured everything from a...
Published 03/09/20
Mark Beaumont chats to Rob Pope about how he broke the world record for cycling around the world – a record which he himself had already broken, but was later taken off him. Averaging 240 miles a day for 78 days and 14 hours, Mark talks about the challenges he overcame to finish the ride 44 days faster than anyone had before. From battling extreme exhaustion to recovering from illness and injury, to dealing with the loneliness and emotional pressures that come with being at the centre of...
Published 03/09/20
Are superhumans born? Or are they made by the people around them? These are the questions and more Rob Pope will ask throughout this series as he talks to some of the most extraordinary athletes on the planet. Starting on March 2, subscribe to receive a new episode every Monday and find out what makes humans go to that next level and learn lessons you can take on into your own personal challenges.
Published 02/25/20