S15, BONUS EPISODE! How To Fail: Jo Elvin, the charity CEO on resilience, friendship fails and female anger
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Today, in a special bonus episode, I have the joy of bringing you one of my favourite people - the broadcaster, journalist and now charity boss, Jo Elvin. She's an Australian powerhouse who I've been lucky enough to work with over several years (first when she was the editor of Glamour, then later when I became a columnist for You magazine under her reign) and now I just get to hang out with her as mates, which is even better. She joins me to talk about the end of Glamour as a print magazine and having to make her beloved staff redundant, a failure in friendship where she felt she let down someone whose child was very ill and a struggle to control her temper (but, I ask: does it really *have* to be controlled?!). -- This episode is sponsored by Peloton – a fitness experience for your body and mind, so motivating and exhilarating that you’ll come back to it time and time again. Find out more by visiting https://www.onepeloton.co.uk/ -- If you enjoyed this episode, do consider donating to Jo's incredible charity, Children With Cancer UK www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk -- How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is hosted and produced by Elizabeth Day. To contact us, email [email protected] -- Social Media: Elizabeth Day @elizabday How To Fail @howtofailpod  Jo Elvin @jo_elvin
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