Ep 139 - REPLAY: Improve Your Body Image
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 Today's episode is a replay on Improving your body image. We go through the different areas of body image and many tips on how to work through the struggles. We also have a limited time Holiday Deal on both of our $21 Intensives. We will be offering the 21 Day Body Image Intensive and the 21 Day Weight Gain WTF Intensive for 1/2 price through December 31st, 2020. Get the Body Image Intensive Workbook for $10 here.  Get the Weight Gain WTF Workbook for $10 here.
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Today we are rating and reviewing the 3 worst diets disguised as intuitive eating in 2021. Lets dive right in because we have lots to discuss: Coming in third place:   2B Mindset This is a diet (yes a diet) from Beachbody. The creator has her own weight loss story and uses this to sell the...
Published 03/02/21
Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are going to be talking about “weight loss for health / weight loss to relieve physical pain.” We get this question a lot - It seems as though people want to justify their weight loss if it’s for health - so let’s talk about this.  No...
Published 02/23/21
Honoring fullness We get many people who say I can’t seem to honor my fullness, I often go past being full and I just cannot seem to control myself! What is going on? These people often are allowing all food, honoring their hunger and they are doing the work so what is going on? Why does this...
Published 02/16/21