In this episode, I talk about the four things you cannot leave aside when creating a Profitable Pricing Strategy for your new Fashion Brand. It happens to many entrepreneurs that because their pricing is not done correctly, they work a lot but don't make money at all. Developing a profitable pricing strategy is key in ensuring you make money and that your business has the ability to grow. In this episode of the How To Start Your Fashion Brand Podcast, we cover a few concepts that you need to...
Published 09/21/20
In this episode I share with you the 5 Steps you cannot skip when designing your first collection. I follow these 5 steps myself when I design each and every one of my collections. I learned the basics of this process many years ago in a highly specialized course in Europe. Throughout the years, I  used it over and over again. It is part of the proven framework I personally use and have decided now to teach. I am convinced that if you don't skip these 5 steps, you will be able to get started...
Published 09/10/20
In this episode, I share with you 3 tips that will help you launch your first collection without having to spend a lot of money. Launching a fashion collection can be very expensive. If you follow my advice, however, you can save a lot of money by just concentrating on the things that are important. You can also promote your fashion line on a budget, at least the first time around. 
Published 09/03/20
In this episode, I talk about why it is important to create your Fashion Brand Identity right from the start.  I tell you the story of what I learned from my mentor in this regard and the 3 elements you should work on, even before you decide what to name your brand. Doing so, will give you a guideline against which you make decisions related to your brand.
Published 08/27/20
In this episode, I talk about what I have learned as a manufacturer from working with fashion entrepreneurs from around the world. I share the aspects I identified in fashion entrepreneurs who did succeed with their own Fashion Brand. Were they all Fashion Designers? What did it take for them to succeed with their Fashion Brand? What can you do to succeed with your Fashion Brand whether you are a Fashion Designer or not? 
Published 08/20/20
On this episode, I share 4 tips on how to find the right market niche for you and your product. Doing your homework as an entrepreneur will save you a lot of money and will reduce the risk of you making mistakes that will cost you. Listen to this episode and find out what those 4 tips are, and find out the real life stories I share related to them.
Published 08/10/20
On this episode, I tell the story of how I started my fashion brand knowing nothing about design. I share with you what was the breakthrough that I needed and how that pushed me forward in my career. Seventeen years later and after making many mistakes, I am here to tell the story and inspire you to start your own fashion brand.
Published 08/04/20