In this episode, Omar and Eros sit down with a lifelong friend, Eduardo, and talk about some experiences and things that have happened within the past year. We go a bit into some fitness topics and self-awareness, so don't miss out on this episode of the Human Resources Podcast!
Published 10/16/20
Join us for this episode where we are joined by Austin and have some casual and interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics that touch on past, present, and future aspects of our lives
Published 10/10/20
We're finally back from the unanticipated break! Find out where we've been, what we've been doing, and listen to our conversation about a variety of things like college during COVID, human characteristics, etc.Meow
Published 10/02/20
Join the boys as they sit down with a friend, James, and discuss fashion culture and answer some questions about personal thoughts regarding fashion.
Published 08/03/20
In this episode, Omar and Eros reunite with some life long friends and catch up on some recent events. They go over a few memorable stories and have enjoyable conversations.
Published 07/29/20
Published 07/24/20
In this episode, HR goes over internet culture, its evolution, some new music releasing soon, and B E A N S.
Published 07/24/20
Join us for our first episode and an introduction to our podcast
Published 07/13/20