The cost of a life in Kings Cross: Neil Cummins Pt. 2
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Subscribe to Crime X+ today. He walked beside John Ibrahim for a decade, and now Neil Cummins tells us why he had to walk away. He also shares what it was like to pick up the pieces of his life and rebuild into something stronger.  See for privacy information.
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Former drug dealer Andrew Truong spent years meeting addicts in secretive locations to sell them their next hit of heroin. But the law soon caught up to him. Thrown into jail with cockroaches and rusty showers, Truong felt like his life was about to end. Ultimately, his new life was just...
Published 09/20/23
Drugs, fast cars, cash and beautiful women. That’s all convicted drug dealer Andrew Truong wanted in life. He went from selling party pills at raves to dealing heroin in dingy streets. He was earning more money selling drugs than he was working three day jobs. For two years, Truong’s life...
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