Finding strength at rock bottom: Andrew Truong Pt.2
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Former drug dealer Andrew Truong spent years meeting addicts in secretive locations to sell them their next hit of heroin. But the law soon caught up to him. Thrown into jail with cockroaches and rusty showers, Truong felt like his life was about to end. Ultimately, his new life was just beginning. See for privacy information.
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Conor Woodman, meth, methamphetamine, drug lab, meth lab, South East Asia, Myanmar
Published 12/02/23
Conor Woodman was captured, blindfolded and driven through the jungle with a bag over his head. The investigative journalist was being taken to a meth lab in South East Asia. He was in a brutal place where tigers are cooked for dinner, child prostitution is rife on the streets and rebels kill...
Published 12/02/23