Episode 61: Show By Rock!!
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Welcome to the world of Midi City, where everyone's a cute Hello Kitty animal mascot and also your guitar talks to you. I'm sure this is a perfectly normal and sensible place to get isekai'd into! Right?  ♡ Follow us on social media! Twitter | Instagram ♡ Join our Discord server!
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Sarah's dragging us back for the final full season of UtaPri! And, in true UtaPri fashion, it's the wildest and most unhinged one yet. Three idol groups compete, only one can win... but first we gotta make a lot of Kingdom Hearts references.  ♡ Subscribe to our new YouTube channel! ♡ Follow...
Published 11/12/22
Let us begin the idol strategem! When an ancient Chinese tactician is isekai'd into the modern day, what does he do? Become a talent manager for an aspiring singer, obviously! It's the final part of Cursed Idol October, and our usual special guest makes a return to discuss the shenanigans with...
Published 10/28/22