Episode132: IFRIC Update June 2022
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Join Raihazah and Karsten Ganssauge for an update on the June 2022 IFRS Interpretations Committee meeting. The topics include the consolidation of a non-hyperinflationary subsidiary by a hyperinflationary parent and the application of IFRS 17 and IAS 21 to a group of insurance contracts with foreign currency cash flows.
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Join Laura Kennedy and Karsten Ganssauge as they discuss three topics from the June 2023 IFRS Interpretations Committee meeting: Energy contracts and the ‘own-use’ exemption from financial instrument accounting Mergers between a parent and its subsidiary Consolidation when the parent is...
Published 06/15/23
Join Raihazah Shaikh, Mark Randall and Laura Kennedy as they discuss the latest developments under IFRS 9 classification and measurement. Topics include: An overview of what is involved in the post implementation review The proposed amendments to IFRS 9 covering contractual cash flow...
Published 05/24/23