Episode 166: The Success Myth With Emma Gannon
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Do you feel a bit 'off' about work? A bit 'off’ about yourself? Perhaps - on paper - you seem successful enough, but you don’t feel successful? Are you chasing goals but, when you get there, you do not feel any better? Well, if this is you - and we think it’s a lot of us - then this week’s guest is just the tonic. Writer Emma Gannon became the poster girl for hustle culture when she released her bestselling business book The Multi-Hyphen Method. But things were not all they seemed: she was heading for burnout; miserable, exhausted and isolated. So she took all the wisdom she learned from interviewing successful people on her podcast CTRL ALT Delete (spoiler: successful people often do not feel successful either) and has written a brilliant book called The Success Myth about letting go of having it all and finding ways to make work work for you. We talk about how to deal with the negative voices in our head and why 'success theatre' is just that; an empty performance. PS: This podcast was bravely brought to you by Symprove. Get your hands on 50% off the first three months at symprove.com/themidult, with the code MIDULT50. Symprove: For all your gut feelings… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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