Series 2: 10. The World’s Unwanted
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What happened to the girl Shamima Begum says convinced her to join the Islamic State group? Less than 24 hours before this episode was published ,we got the answer. Reporter: Josh Baker Written and produced by: Josh Baker, Sara Obeidat and Joe Kent Composer: Firas Abou Fakher Theme music: Sam Slater Mix and sound design: Tom Brignell Production coordinators: Janet Staples and Helena Warwick-Cross Series Editor: Jonathan Aspinwall Head of Long Form Audio: Emma Rippon Commissioning Executive: Dylan Haskins This episode contains some strong language
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Published 03/22/23
Episode 10 will be available on Wednesday March 22nd
Published 03/15/23
No longer a vulnerable schoolgirl, but a seemingly unrepentant adult. Shamima Begum enrages the British public and ends up stuck in Syria. A series of media interviews come to shape how she’s perceived - with long lasting consequences. Reporter: Josh Baker Written and produced by: Josh Baker,...
Published 03/08/23