Watch Out! The Food Industry's Lies and How they are Slowly Poisoning Us... | Calley Means
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If you’re following government guidelines for food and health, watch this episode very carefully, as the industry and policy lies being exposed are triggering. Calley Means has been advising politicians and prominent food and pharma companies and has founded his own company, TrueMed, to expose and change the food industries causing harm that the healthcare industry is profiting heavily. Calley shares from experience working with big food industries and losing his mother to a succession of foodborne illnesses that have everything to do with food that’s leading to cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune conditions,and depression. Thoughts that exposes areas you can start rethinking and changing right away: $10 billion dollars is transferred in a year from the government to soda companies through food-stamps, part of a nutrition program designed to to help low income families. Lower income men die 11 years younger than higher income men, largely because of diet Healthcare, big pharma, food companies, and public policy makers make the solution for metabolic health sound extremely complicated, but it’s really not complicated,it’s just not beneficial for them. You and everyone around you is being sickened by preventable metabolic dysfunction. Now is the time to get educated and manage your risk and the risks to your family and the environment we live in. This may be the best place to start your research to take action on not being poisoned and blinded by the food and healthcare industry lies. Consuming ultra-processed foods, seed oils, copious amounts of sugar and highly processed grains is not in your best interest.  Referenced in this episode 60 Minutes with Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford:  Calley Means Quotes: “Cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune conditions, these are all going up and they are all foodborne illnesses, and the fact that there is not clear communication about that from our medical leaders and public policy leaders, I think is the biggest scandal in America and the most dangerous scandal.” “Today when you hear about the opioid crisis, 80-90% of people that overdose and die from illicit opioids, that started with a prescription pad.” “Prediabetes is violence occurring to their cells, a child born today has a 45% rate of obesity or being overweight, [...] 40% of 18 year olds right now qualify as having a mental illness.” “We need to stop recommending poison and stop subsidizing poison and the free market will figure it out.” “95% of the experts on the USDA nutrition guidelines committee receive personal payments from food and or pharma companies.” Follow Calley Means:  Website:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Get ready to unlock your true potential and enjoy an unparalleled listening experience with our Impact Theory subscription service at Sponsors: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. Go to and use code IMPACT to get 10% OFF your new website! Get 20% OFF with our code IMPACT at Unlock your youthful glow and be ready for summer with Caldera Lab! Visit and use code impact for 20% off all purchases, and for a limited time a complimentary bottle of cold-pressed Extra Virgin macadamia oil! Head over to to find the 5 most impactful Mind Pump fitness episodes that will transform your body and your life. Get started today with Disney’s Hulu Ad Manager at Visit and use code TOM to save $30 and get one month of free dietitian support.  For more information on how NewtonX can help answer your next critical bu
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