He Puts Lotion Where?, Watching You, Seducing Her
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A man has a question about my thoughts on his lotion habits. A couple writes in with their story of getting watched from the condo across the street. A woman kind of seduces a girl who didn’t need much seducing. Dear Nikky: Sex Confessions From People Just Like You  is out now!! Want to have a drink with me? Book Krazy Summer Nights before it's sold out.. I'll be there. Check out my show on Smuttyflix. Want to be on the show. You can email me at [email protected] or [email protected] Mentioned in the show are these amazing ladies.. Ruan Willow:  https://linktr.ee/RuanWillow Mizzy Bender: mizzybender.com If you have any erotic fantasies you want to share or even if it is to say hello please feel free to send them to [email protected] anonymously DearNikky.com/confessions By submitting a story and/or question you certify the following stipulations to be true: You are the sole creator of the submission; You are 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit erotic or pornographic material Stories including Bestiality, Incest and Incest Fantasies, Underage Role-Play, Rape Sex, Rape Fantasies or other non-consensual content or Racial slurs will not be aired. I am releasing all rights to this creation You can find me also a Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook, and Smuttyfy. If you liked the show leave a positive review on any platform you listen to the show on. You can send me confessions directly to my P.O. Box. 1750 Jefferson St. #104674 Jefferson City, MO 65109 You can find me Dear Nikky: https://dearnikky.com  Patreon:  Dear Nikky Spotify: Dear Nikky iTunes: Dear Nikky --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dearnikky/message
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A man confesses his desires for a couple with some extra to offer. Part two of a man training his gf into an anal Queen with much success I might add. When the heating goes out in the dorm what are two women suppose to do? Cuddle skin to skin of course. By submitting a story and/or question you...
Published 02/08/23
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A man writes in about his sexploration in his non sexual married life. Ray writes in again on how his wife needed a younger man to get the job done when Mr. M couldn't. Friends joke about a threesome that leads to something sensual. If you have any erotic fantasies you want to share or even if...
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