The real Sherlock Holmes
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He was the scourge of Melbourne's villains and scoundrels, but unlike the fictional London sleuth, this Victorian detective's crazy undercover exploits and bizarre disguises were real. Join host Jen Kelly and guest Ben Oliver, founder of Melbourne's Drinking History Tours, as they dive into this fascinating character. And you can read more about it today at
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By day he policed the depression-era streets of Collingwood, but on the weekends he was a powerful player who led the Pies to VFL premierships. So why did he have to play under an assumed name? See pictures and read more
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The uniforms looked like Where's Wally and the matches lasted for days - welcome to Aussie rules, circa 1850. So why did one of footy's founding fathers almost start a rifle club instead? Jen Kelly is joined by Col Hutchinson, historian for both the AFL and the Geelong football club. To read...
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Frances Knorr, like many other women in depression-hit 1800s Melbourne, ran an early form of childcare. But instead of visiting a loving home, the infants she was trusted with met a much darker fate. Read more about the life and death of the baby farmer.
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