BONUS EPISODE: A Feminist State Of The Union.
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A special bonus episode produced in collaboration with the Standard Hotel as part of their new audio programming platform, Sometimes Radio, and recorded in the Library Lounge of the Standard Hotel’s London outpost.  This episode is a live recording from the Feminist State of the Union I hosted on International Women’s Day, a conversational salon about contemporary feminism featuring contributions from award-winning author Reni Eddo-Lodge, broadcaster Zezi Ifore, and Dazed Digital’s Head of Fashion, Emma Hope Allwood, and covering everything from girlboss culture and the problem with corporate feminism, to intersectionality and how we can all be ‘better’ feminists and allies to marginalised communities. Follow Reni Eddo-Lodge on Twitter. Follow Zezi Ifore on Twitter. Follow Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter. For more career-related ideas and advice, join the Women Who community by signing up at, or follow @oteghauwagba and @womenwho on Instagram and Twitter.
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