This week, executive coach, author, and self-reinvention expert, Dorie Clark and Hello Monday’s Jessi Hempel chat about taking a chance and starting fresh in your career. They talk about how everyone can make a Plan B, the importance of having a growth mindset, and what keeps us from having the courage to do it. This interview originally aired as Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel. 
Published 07/26/21
With so much curiosity and misunderstanding around coaching, we're diving into how influential our training as coaches has been in our own transformation. We're laying out some of the core skills anyone can use to change the way they connect and support others. After hearing our unscripted coaching, you'll walk away with a better sense of how talking less and listening more works.
Published 07/12/21
The week we're jumping in with Rosanna Durruthy, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at LinkedIn. She’s a well-known leader in D&I, grounded in her personal power and candor. You'll hear how the importance she places on her relationship with herself and accepting herself has allowed her to transform those around her, and what it means for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging globally. 
Published 06/28/21
We live in a world where it has become critical to be aware of our emotions for self-development and interpersonal interactions, yet most of us were never taught these skills. In this week’s episode, we’re jumping in the arena with Marc Brackett, Ph.D., founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, on his 2019 book Permission to Feel. Through his personal stories, you’ll hear how the framework he’s introducing globally is redesigning how people, from students to corporate...
Published 06/07/21
This week we're talking about one of the oldest human languages. Inspired by the book Humor, Seriously by Dr. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, we share ways you can be intentional about creating moments of laughter in your life. From a stronger immune system to greater personal satisfaction, who wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of humor? 
Published 05/24/21
This week we jump back in with one of our favorite guests, Yung Pueblo (Diego Perez). His second book, Clarity & Connection, poetically delves into what it means to move through a personal transformational process. In our conversation, Diego clarifies the variety of ways to heal yourself, the value of learning how patterns and conditioning affect your perception, and why we all benefit from staying present in our relationships while we grow.
Published 05/10/21
This week we're talking to Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness and Compassion at LinkedIn, about his new book The Full Body Yes. While it's categorized as a business book, its focus is on the deeply human experience of knowing oneself, loving oneself, mastering oneself, and compassion in action. Scott brings 4 engaging stories from the book to life, followed by us connecting the dots with him on how they each apply as powerful lessons in life and at work. Together, we can change work from the...
Published 04/26/21
Leaning on the words of others during hard times has a powerful way of helping us get to the other side of our struggles. In this week’s episode, join us as we share the most memorable quotes we’ve collected throughout our lives. No matter what you’re facing right now, meaningful words can help you meet this moment.  
Published 04/12/21
This week we’re re-releasing two episodes from last June recorded at the height of racial violence. We kick off with personal stories from our Asian colleagues at LinkedIn who were brave enough to share them. With the violence and hate targeting Asian Americans, we’re all reminded that we each still have a role to play in shifting our beliefs, narratives, and systems.  
Published 03/29/21
This week we’re re-releasing two episodes from last June recorded at the height of racial violence. We kick off with personal stories from our Asian colleagues at LinkedIn who were brave enough to share them. With the violence and hate targeting Asian Americans, we’re all reminded that we each still have a role to play in shifting our beliefs, narratives, and systems.  
Published 03/29/21
Impostor Syndrome is something many of us have felt yet do not often talk about. This week, we're navigating the ambiguous waters of this “syndrome” by sharing real experiences from listeners. Combining experiences, stories and research we're shedding light on the deeper experiences that could lead to feelings of self-doubt and the antidotes that exist for both individuals and groups. 
Published 03/12/21
Leah Smart and Jackie Goldberg jump in the arena with Dan Shapero, COO at LinkedIn, for an open conversation around his professional journey.  By weaving in stories from his life, Dan shares what he believes makes a strong leader, the 3 questions he asks to determine if someone is leading in a transformational way, and the most important lessons he’s learned over time.  
Published 02/26/21
Leah and Jackie sit down together to talk about the book that kicked off their year, Atomic Habits by James Clear. With over 1 million copies sold, this powerful book shares simple tactics around how to create better habits and get rid of bad ones. Together they share the most important points to know and how to apply them immediately to transform your life.  
Published 02/12/21
What is the formula for happiness? Leah and Jackie sit down with author and social psychologist Jon Haidt to talk about his first book, The Happiness Hypothesis. In this conversation, Jon shares how we get in our own way of achieving the happiness we desire, where happiness truly comes from, and strategies for creating it. 
Published 01/29/21
Leah and Jackie sit down with life strategist, bestselling author and positive psychology expert, Valorie Burton, to talk about her recent book Let Go of the Guilt. In her work, Valorie stumbled upon the emotion of guilt after noticing how it kept so many from living joyfully. In this conversation, Valorie shares the truth about guilt, how to release it and proven strategies to cultivate the joy we all want.
Published 01/15/21
Join us In the Arena as we share a framework to create anything you want in your life. We’ll discuss moving from unconscious reactions to cultivating a clear mindset and discovering what's most important to you. Anything is possible!
Published 01/01/21
Join Jackie Goldberg and Leah Smart in the arena as they share the different ways you can connect to your mind, body, and spirit to be the best version of yourself. Explore the key things that might be keeping you from being fully connected and ways you can truly improve your wellness every day. 
Published 12/11/20
Leah Smart and Jackie Goldberg sit down with Diego Perez (Yung Pueblo). Diego is a meditator, speaker, and author of the best-selling book Inward. They discuss ways we can bring more clarity and peace to our lives. When we achieve peace and clarity, we can transform ourselves and help transform the world.
Published 11/27/20
Leah and Jackie sit down with Hoby Darling, Senior Executive at Logitech and Co-Founder of Liminal Collective- a community with the desire to enable humanity's greatest endeavors. Hoby's experience working with elite performers across diverse disciplines is revealing the path for each of us to go from great to legendary. In this episode, he shares the 7 commonalities he's seen from peak performers, why intentional regeneration is essential, and how he's democratizing human potential. 
Published 11/13/20
If life is a container, what are you going to put in it? Jackie Goldberg and Leah Smart sit down with Kevin Delaney, VP of Learning and Development at LinkedIn to discuss his new book,  A Life Worth Living. This inspiring and action-oriented read focuses on helping anyone create meaning and purpose in their everyday life. Tune into this episode to hear more about the monumental experiences that shaped Kevin and gave life to his book.
Published 10/30/20
With so much curiosity and misunderstanding around coaching, Jackie and Leah dive into how influential their training as coaches have been in their transformation. They lay out some of the core skills anyone can utilize in personal and professional relationships to completely change the way they connect and support others. And, you'll hear a live demo of Leah coaching Jackie on a topic she's challenged with. 
Published 10/09/20
In the Jewish culture, it is believed that the most righteous people die on the New Year- Rosh Hashanah- because the world needed them until the very last moment. This holiday ushers in a time for anyone to reflect, express gratitude and decide who they want to be in this world. On the heels of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, Jackie and Leah talk about her steadfast commitment to what was right and just, reflect on the value of standing for something and share what the holiday means for them....
Published 09/25/20
Jessi Hempel, Senior Editor at Large and Host of LinkedIn's podcast, Hello Monday joins Leah and Jackie for a virtual coffee. For more than 20 years Jessi has interviewed people all of us would want to have coffee with; from CEOs, celebrities and Pulitzer-Prize winners to explorers, corporate refugees and disruptors. In this episode, the spotlight is on Jessi as she shares the big lessons she's learned, the emerging role of technology and business, and how continually choosing your true north...
Published 09/11/20
How are you consciously connecting to those who matter most? Leah and Jackie use Brené Brown’s 1x1 square to help you identify the high-value relationships in your life. Through shared stories and techniques, they talk about ways you can be more intentional in growing these relationships.
Published 08/28/20
What have you heard about the Enneagram? Jackie and Leah sit down with two LinkedIn leaders who are certified in the Enneagram to understand more about this ancient personality assessment. Brad and Jess give an overview of the 9 personality types that will help us understand ourselves, others, and the world in a more holistic and powerful way. If you haven’t taken it, you’ll definitely want to dive into it after listening.
Published 08/14/20