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Veteran African National Congress  leader and member of Cabinet Lindiwe Sisulu has written a column ( https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/opinion/lindiwe-sisulu-hi-mzansi-have-we-seen-justice-d9b151e5-e5db-4293-aa21-dcccd52a36d3 ) that has everyone talking. It essentially critiques the rule of law, the judiciary and the constitution but it is hard to know precisely what the main thesis and argument is. If you have the gift of interpretation, you might be able to tell the rest of us.  Nevertheless, one of the responses (https://www.news24.com/news24/columnists/guestcolumn/opinion-chrispin-phiri-lindiwe-sisulus-attack-on-constitution-a-distortion-of-anc-policy-20220110)  is from Chrispin Phiri, the minister of justice's spokesperson, who wrote a scathing response to and critique of Sisulu's article. He insists he did so "in his personal capacity." (Pass me the salt please?) I invited him to explain why he was so touched by her position, and I then pressure tested his analysis by attempting - not an easy task - to reconstruct Sisulu's view that the constitution has not delivered justice.  It's all a hot ANC mess but ... intriguing. I invited her - the minister that is - on but her spokesman tells me they're not interested.  (It must be hard to try and defend weird reasoning.) Listen to this spirited exchange I had, in the meantime, with Chrispin Phiri.
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