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I have had the pressure and privilege, for more than ten years, of serving on many bursary and scholarship selection committees. I also, before that, had applied for many bursaries and scholarships myself - during high school and throughout university. Not everyone knows how to go about constructing an application that has decent odds of succeeding. In this episode of In The Ring, I draw on my many years of experience, and list and discuss 5 top tips for ANYONE applying for a bursary or a scholarship.  There is a lot more than can be said and that can be discussed, but this podcast episode is, I hope, an important and useful, and PRACTICAL, start for many. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it widely, especially among undergraduates- and high school learners - because the cruel reality is that, by the time you apply for many bursaries and scholarships, you may already be haunted by your earlier choices or missed chances. I would dearly love the advice in this episode to reach especially those, like my younger self, who did not have access to a family friend or member who had gone through these processes and who might have been able to dispense advice. Let's make SOME attempt to level the playing field by sharing this kind of advice, freely and widely, Please. 
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