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In this episode of In The Ring, I simply voice an article I had recently written - Pride Month - Mind the gaps in the rainbow - which reflects on aspects of our experiences as queer people within a heternormative and patriachal world. I acknowledge, reference and affirm the importance of legal rights victories. But, these legal victories do not always translate into changes in our social realities.  Also, within "the queer community", there are many communities, and minorities within minorities, such that "the queer community" needs to be problematicsed. I do so by disentangling some of the issues within "the queer community" that are often obscured when we focus narrowly on the legal wins (important as these are).  Lastly, this episode also critiques poor corporate allyship, explaining why and how we should guard against gimmicks during Pride Month on the part of companies weaponising our struggles for capitalist ends.  
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