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I asked you to send me any questions, without fear of being shamed or lashed, that you have about homosexuality/queer people/"the queer community" etc. There were too many! We'll do another round in future. For now, in this episode of In The Ring With Eusebius McKaiser, I offered answers or thoughts (where clear answers evaded me) in response to the following ten sets of questions/comments:  Question 1 Where do you stand on the recent ruling that trans women can't participate in professional swimming? Question 2 Hi Eusebius. I just wanted to ask, at what age did you confirm to yourself that you are gay? Did you feel as a child that you were different? What was the family's reaction to you 'coming out' as it were? Question 3 From whom did you learn about the workings of non-hetero sex? (Where and when did you learn this, perhaps?) Do you think that the process of engaging with the physical aspects of your sexuality would have been easier had you had some kind of education in a formal schooling environment?   Question 4 How do you suggest that toxic masculinity is addressed within the 'community'? Question 5 What do you think of the younger black and older white male relationships often where the younger is straight and has a female companion in the township or the village? Question 6 Narcissist tendencies and homosexuality. Discuss.  Question 7 Do you think bisexuality is real? Question 8 Should I tell my child that I know they are gay? Question 9 My friend has a crush on me and my wife is concerned but I don’t know how to address this with my friend.  Question 10 Why are gay men obsessed with appearances? Enjoy, and PLEASE share this episode widely as it may help someone who is open to learning and/or to re-examining views they have, to spend a bit more time on issues that might have seemed settled to them, but which they may now recognise as perhaps more complicated. 
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