Episode 139 - BULLYING AT ROEDEAN: PART 2 What Is Bullying?
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Luke Lamprecht (   https://www.lukelamprecht.co.za ) is an excellent  and well-respected expert in child protection and child development. He has worked with and in countless schools, tackling the very issues we are exploring in this series.  In this episode- the second in the series focusing on bullying at Roedean, he educates us all on the complexity of bullying. It is a difficult concept to get a clear definitional grip on, and he helps us to navigate our way through  these complexities.  We focus on children who may have fallen foul of school codes of conduct, including anti-bullying policies, and ask how best to go about dealing with such children.  In the details of the Roedean there appears, on the face of it, to be evidence of an adversarial, criminal law-like, approach that had been adopted, and Luke gives a comprehensive and compassionate but practical view of where and how it seems Roedean has done the children an injustice, institutionally speaking. 
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