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Eve Fairbanks is an American journalist who has just written and published an amazing book, one that already won a significan  international literally award. It is called The Inheritors, and is situated in South Africa.  She has been based here for more than ten years, and developed a fascinating interest in making sense of how a country with our traumatic past, tried to carve out ways of dealing with the past, and moving forward. She follows three characters for many years, and tells their stories in The Inheritors.  The book has already resulted in a stunning range of many very different reviews, with readers furiously debating different aspects of the book. That's exactly what every author craves.  Eve joined me on the podcast to talk about this major work. There are no spoilers. And the conversation covers areas I didn't get to in my own written review nor at the book launch I anchored for her, so there's somethin  here for everyone: those who read the book; those who haven't; those who attended the launch; those who didn't; those who read the reviews; those who haven't. Listen. Enjoy. Share. And buy and read the book yourself. 
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