The Mahabharta Part 2
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As the story progressed, all of the sages wished to accompany Yudhishthira as the Pandavas left the kingdom. He was concerned since he lacked the wealth to feed anyone. One of the sages approached him and urged him to pray to Lord Surya, the Sun God, while he was profoundly frightened and disturbed. Yudhishthira prayed to Lord Surya with all his devotion and sincerity. The Lord arrived, pleased with his prayers, and bestowed upon him the Akshaya Patra, a mystical bowl. The patra, according to Hindu mythology, was a magical jar that held an endless supply of food until Draupadi had eaten for the day. They came upon a demon named Kirmira, Bakasura's brother, on their way to the forest. Bhima defeated the Kirmira monster and rid the jungle of the evil spirit. In the wilderness, the Pandavas felt helpless, and even Draupadi felt led down. Draupadi is consoled by Lord Krishna, who assures her that it will pass as well. Many storytellers visited the Pandavas frequently during their exile and told them various stories.   Once, the Pandavas were visited by Sage Markandeya. He told the tale of Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu's seventh avatar. Yudhistira's heart and mind calmed after hearing the story, and he was filled with bravery. While Yudisthira was fascinated by the stories, Draupadi and Bhima never failed to feed Yudisthira's mind with vengeance against the Kauravas. But he kept his cool and told Draupadi and Bhim to wait for the appropriate moment because defeating the Kauravas in a fight without superpowers and divine weapons would be difficult. But guess which among the Pandavas could obtain these celestial weapons? Yes, Arjuna! Was he however able to obtain the celestial weapons?  See for privacy information.
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Disclaimer: Some of the dialogues in the narration have been inspired by C Rajagopalachari's Mahabharata. As the story continues, Arjuna reached the Himalayas and started to pursue penance. One day, a wild boar surge towards him and was about to attack. Arjuna being alert, pulled his bow and...
Published 06/16/21
The Mahabharata is one of India's most popular epics. The Kurukshetra war is depicted in the epic as a historical battle between two groups of cousins. It was the most horrific battle ever fought. Sage Vyasa is known for writing this epic. The Pandavas- Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and...
Published 04/21/21
After the Story of Rama, a question might arise in your mind that why did Rama not return to his kingdom despite being stopped by his father and called back by his brother. Well, that’s Rama. He believed that he needed to follow certain rules as a friend, king, master, son, and husband. He was...
Published 03/04/21