IRR - S3E29 - Off Road with Indian Motorcycle Ambassador Dan Lengkeek and his FTR, Ambassador Laura Feasler and I reconnect after our Colorado mountain adventure and The Veterans Charity Ride wins big at the Durango Bike Week Rendezvous!
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The Veterans Charity Ride was just one of the reasons why so many of us came to southwestern Colorado and had the time of our lives at The Durango Bike Week Rendezvous - organizer Terry Connett and I join VCR Founder Dave Frey for a re-cap and a commitment to support one another going forward! Indian Motorcycle Ambassador Laura Feasler was there and she and I had the chance to ride the Million Dollar Highway with the un-blinking eye of the Indian Motorcycle cameras on us and some great people sharing the road alongside. Your FTR can and will do quite well off road. Just ask Canadian IMC Ambassador Dan Lengkeek. He's a rider, a photographer and an urban explorer who claims the FTR is the right tool for the job anywhere, anytime. And finally, I was a guest on The Arrive Alive Podcast with my friend, Len Bilello. We talk about getting back up after you've gone down... Enjoy! PATREON - SUPPORT THE SHOW Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE6D Helmets Cutting edge protection technology -. PROMO CODE IRR2021RUSH RACING PRODUCTS The first for Indian Motorcycles. If it's gotta go fast, ya better put RUSH on it.Lloyd'z Garage & IMC Charlotte The Industry leader for Indian Motorcycle performance cams, big bore kits and MOREPikes Peak Indian Motorcycle The #1 Indian dealer in Colorado! Ask about our Rental Programs and see us for the best deals - NOW Throttle Addikt Ulta-cool, retro garage style wear for the discriminating biker. PROMO CODE IRR2022Bikers Info USA The only app you need! - dealers, events, media and more - Bikers Info USA Find it in the App StoreDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
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