Chega de falar sobre mim! | Inglês Todos os Dias #543
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Chega de falar sobre mim… e vamos aprender a falar “Chega de _______” em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje! 😉 FRASES NO MINI PODCAST DE HOJE: Well, but enough about me – more about you! What could we do to make your day amazing? that’s enough That’s enough complaining. That’s enough talking. Enough talking. That’s enough talking about myself. Enough about me. What do you like? That’s enough eating. That’s enough drinking. That’s enough speaking in English. So, that’s enough speaking in Portuguese. That’s enough  playing. That’s enough worrying. That’s enough ______________ . English classes with my son, Michael My son, Michael, is taking some private online students, if you are interested. Meu filho, Michael, está aceitando alguns alunos particulares online, se você estiver interessado. -----===(*)===----- Let's practice today's expression in the comments section below!  That's enough ____________________ . Let's / It's time to ____________________ .  
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Published 09/14/22
Published 09/14/22
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