Inside Europe 19.05.2022
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Finland and Sweden join NATO, Turkey’s president raises objections, a conversation with Human Rights Watch, and a French film with a message. Also: Kalush Orchestra return to Ukraine after winning Eurovision, Ukrainian children struggle with the German school system, a new front opens up in the UK’s so-called “culture wars”, and pangolin diplomacy in the Czech Republic.
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Published 06/30/22
NATO's rapid renewal but will it deter Putin? A food crisis looms – can enough of Ukraine's grain bypass the Black Sea? Commemorative chimes: remembering the Czech church bells stolen by the Nazis. Why Europe's airlines are struggling to get airborne. Meet the Dutch firm that's building bridges...
Published 06/30/22
Election fallout in France, Dutch farmers protest livestock cuts to curb nitrogen, plus a report from the world’s longest running design Biennale in Ljubljana. Also: DW honors the last journalists in Mariupol, Spain plans legislation improving women’s access to abortion, Belgium reckons with its...
Published 06/23/22