Alex rants about data structure and algorithms interviews mobile developers have to go through as they interview for jobs. Algo problems is never something we solve building iOS application then why do we have to be subjected to those questions on interviews?
Published 03/09/20
Alex talks to Jeff Gilbert about VIPER architecture, how it came to be and how this architecture helps scale iOS codebases. Jeff is the author of VIPER.
Published 02/25/20
Alex interviews Leo Dion about his recent article Asynchronous Multi-Threaded Parallel World of Swift. They talk about async work on iOS, options developers had previously (from low level to high), and then discuss how new Apple frameworks Swift Nio and Combine helps solve asynchronous tasks on iOS. Unfortunately the chat transcript for this call was lost and some of the links didn't make it into show notes. Leo's article - Asynchronous Multi-Threaded Parallel World of SwiftLeo's 360 iDev...
Published 01/27/20
Alex explains how overusing extensions and protocol extensions in Swift leads to unpredictable runtime bugs.
Published 11/27/19
When and where should optionals be used? What are the advantages and disadvantages of optionals? Before Swift, iOS developers wrote their apps using Objective-C. In Objective-C, programmers could send messages to nil without the program crashing and in some cases was considered a feature. However, sometimes objects were unexpectedly nil and the program would incorrectly execute. Today, Swift uses optionals to more explicitly handle the case when an object is nil.
Published 10/28/19
Alex interviews Rody Davis about Flutter, a cross platform framework for iOS and Android development. They also address cross platform development issues Dropbox experienced with their mobile apps.
Published 10/07/19
Recently, Dropbox published a blog illustrating the costs & overhead of using C++ to code share between iOS and Android. The author, Eyal Guthmann from Dropbox, joins us to elaborate more on the topic. Was the problem C++? Why couldn't Dropbox simply hire more C++ developers? Why not React Native or Flutter? Is cross platform mobile development simply not viable?
Published 09/19/19
Alex talks about his first impressions working with VIPER architecture. He walks through each part of the architecture, compares it to RIBs, and talks about modularization. Need to prepare for an iOS Engineer Interview? https://iosinterviewguide.com Connect with us: https://twitter.com/insideiosdev Email us at hello@insideiosdev.com
Published 09/09/19
Alex and Andrew discuss the latest Dropbox engineering article that announced that Dropbox is dropping their support of cross platform mobile C++ code.
Published 08/26/19
Alex talks with Leo Dion about Server Side Swift and Vapor. Leo's twitter Leo's company Leo's Vapor getting started blog post http://learningswift.brightdigit.com/ https://www.empowerapps.show/ https://learningswift.brightdigit.com/vapor-swift-backend-review/ Need to prepare for an iOS Engineer Interview? https://iosinterviewguide.com Connect with us: https://twitter.com/insideiosdev Email us at hello@insideiosdev.com
Published 07/23/19
Alex and Andrew interview Shai Mishali about advantages of using RxSwift for async operations on iOS instead of Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).
Published 07/01/19
Andrew talks about the pressures & frustrations that often accompany the highs of big tech announcements like WWDC.
Published 06/24/19
Our first impression thoughts on SwiftUI. What is SwiftUI? How is it different? Is all the excitement justified?
Published 06/17/19
Our first impressions after the first day of WWDC 2019. We go over Marzipan/Catalyst, Swift's new Combine framework, SwiftUI, and other bits that caught our attention.
Published 06/04/19
Alex and Andrew explain a bit why they've been out. Then they both talk about the first conference talks they ever gave and what they learned.
Published 05/20/19
Alex talks about what options you have implementing async work on iOS. He starts with the lowest level of abstraction GCD and goes all the way up to PromiseKit and RxSwift.
Published 03/25/19
Alex gives an overview of unit-testing mocks, stubs, and fakes and explains what is the difference between them.
Published 03/14/19
Alex talks about working at Uber and what he's learned from their RIB architecture.
Published 02/25/19
Alex & Andrew respond to a listener question about starting a career in software engineering. How to choose between a coding bootcamp and university? What should one learn to be a marketable software engineer? What's the best way to learn? What's the market like for mobile software engineers? And more!
Published 02/05/19
Alex has a change of mind on singletons after previously declaring them "evil". Also, what's new in 2019 and what we have planned.
Published 01/15/19
Andrew talks about his recent design struggle with trying to work both within and maintaining a Model-View-Presenter architecture in the context of pre-existing code.
Published 11/12/18
Alex answers a question from a listener that just completed an iOS Engineer interview: How does one design an app for scalability?
Published 10/15/18
Andrew describes & discusses the various problems with view controllers.
Published 10/01/18
Andrew talks about the recent architectural refactoring work he did at Reddit. He explains how the iOS team moved from an MVC architecture to a Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture. He also talks about Texture -- an async layout framework for fast scrolling feeds. This episode was originally recorded March 2018.
Published 09/14/18
We answer a listeners questions. What is the threat/benefit of React Native? What's happening to the job market because of React Native? How do you stay immune to the cultish force of the Javascript religion? What effect will WebAssembly have on web development?
Published 09/02/18