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Harold tells us how he worked through his fears with consistent flying, a good instructor, and hard work Private Pilot Blueprint:  75% of all student pilots do not get their license, learn why in this book.  It’s free, all you pay is the shipping!  Click Here:  bit.ly/1MBWp4Y Share your story and comments:  [email protected]
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Will Miller describes the challenges in his flight training and how worked through them! Need help finding the right CFI? Get a copy of our Private Pilot Blueprint: https://ud165.infusionsoft.com/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=58   Email your story and questions:  [email protected]
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Stephen describes his 37 year journey to becoming a private pilot.  Hear about the obstacles that he navigated and how his passion helped him continue! Do you need help with your training or starting with your training?  We are here to help!  Send your story to [email protected]
Published 07/10/15
Carl Valeri found the courage to leave a successful job to pursue his dream of aviation!  Carl tells us how he did it and how he is now helping others do the same! Carl’s Information mentioned in the show: http://expertaviator.com/ http://www.aviationcareerspodcast.com/ http://stuckmicavcast.com/   To share your story email [email protected]
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Visit MzeroA.com to start your journey of becoming a pilot. To share your story with us, email [email protected]
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Visit MzeroA.com to start your journey of becoming a pilot. To share your story with us, email [email protected]
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Visit MzeroA.com to start your journey of becoming a pilot. To share your story with us, email [email protected]
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