Are You An OLD SOUL? Your PAST LIVES Have Powerful ANSWERS! | Ainslie MacLeod
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Did you know you’ve lived one life for over 5000 years? If you are reading this, you are likely an old soul filled with superpowers and wisdom. But sometimes we forget and drag along past life baggage that holds us back!   I sat down with Ainslie MacLeod, past life psychic and author who has a simple one and done approach to releasing stale old karma.   It’s a Cosmic Collaboration with your Spirit Guides and YOU are invited!   To find out more visit: - The Old Soul’s Guidebook - Ainslie MacLeod’s Soul World Community Order Michael Sandler's new book, "AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience"  ……. Follow Michael and Jessica’s exciting journey and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access. Go to   For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit:   We’ve got NEW Merch! -   Follow Inspire Nation, and the lives of Michael and Jessica, on Instagram -   Find us on TikTok - 
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