Amanda Thebe teaches us to not hate menopause
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Amanda Thebe embodies everything I want for women in menopause: strength, resiliency and a healthy dose of swearing.  Amanda’s journey from a horrible personal experience to the menopause advocate she is today is a gift to all women, and she shares her knowledge, wit and the tips you need in today’s episode.  If you’ve ever found yourself dreading menopause - this episode is for you. We love Amanda so much we have given away many copies of her book to our participants of Bulletproof Your 40s, our online course happening January 29th. There’s still a chance to win copies of her book by joining us live on the day. You can grab your ticket here. Amanda can be found busting myths on menopause on Instagram and her programs and book can be purchased through her website.    AMANDA THEBE is a personal trainer and nutrition coach with nearly thirty years of experience in the fitness industry. Author of the Amazon best-selling book, Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too! She is a popular guest on podcasts and online summits, and her health and fitness tips have been featured in media outlets like Shape, Prevention, Health Line, CBC Radio, Global News Canada, The Doctors, Lifehacker, Breaking Muscle, Girls Gone Strong, and Ultimate Sandbag Training. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.  
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