Do you want to spend all your money on probiotics and gut tests? We didn’t think so.
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In this episode, I’m joined by my close friend, Dr. Kim Bretz ND for an honest conversation about where we go wrong in making recommendations for patients with gut symptoms, how hardly any people have SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), and why we need a new solution for patients with chronic constipation other than magnesium.  Kim gives us a lot to think about as both patients and practitioners and highlights what the unintended consequences are when we label patients with gut “issues” that they don’t actually have.  This episode will help you understand what to look for in a practitioner for your gut symptoms and might teach practitioners a thing or two about the evidence for testing bacterial overgrowth.  If you’re a Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Doctor, or other practitioner that works with patients with constipation, we’d love to invite you to join Dr. Kim’s course being put on by the Confident Clinician LIVE (virtually) on May 27, 2022. We are on a mission to deliver evidence-based education for integrative practitioners. This 6 hour course will feel like you’re being handed the solutions for your constipation patients on a silver platter. Register before May 15 to save $50.00 on the course with our early bird pricing. Participants will get access to downloads, handouts, and lifetime access to the videos so even if you can’t make it live for the day, grab your seat here
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