The Real Summer Shoulds. Three things I think we should be doing this summer to achieve the health we desire.
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I don’t hate the word should. I think we can use this word with the right intention to help us more towards our goals rather than always feeling that we are lacking something.  In this episode, I share the “summer shoulds” based on what I notice when working with patients through the summer months. The summer can be a wonderful time for celebration, but also is an opportunity to make things happen for our health.  Can we do both? This episode shares my summer goal setting and the three areas that I notice that things go sideways through the summer months. The summer is long (and short all at the same time) and as a result your health habits matter. We’ll cover how to stay on track and set reasonable goals for yourself over the next few months.  If you’re noticing that your summer needs more support, my colleagues at Clarity Health are here to guide you towards a better understanding of your health and to develop a plan for your summer so you can make the most of it.  You can book a discovery call here (Ontario Residents Only). 
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