Bloated? We care. Even if others don’t.
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Bloating is an annoying symptom that prevents many people from eating the foods they love, wearing the pants they love, and living abdominal-pain free.  In today’s episode, I’m joined by my college Dr. Dominque Vanier, a Naturopathic Doctor and Gut-Focused practitioner who is the perfect guide to your bloat-recovery journey.  In this episode, I ask Dominique questions like:  When is bloating something more serious? Why do hormones cause bloating and when should women have this looked into? Why does bloating happen randomly?  What are the first steps to understanding digestive health and bloating? If you’ve ever changed your pants part way through the day, felt like you had to limit yourself because of your digestive pain or wondered what on earth was happening inside your gut (since it feels like a total disaster in there), this episode is for you.  Dr. Vanier accepts patients in person and virtually in Ontario at Clarity Health and focuses on supporting people with digestive concerns and hormonal health (and both mixed together!). Dr. Vanier is hosting a FREE webinar for our community about the simple tips you can use to solve your bloating. Register here for the live event (or to grab the recording). 
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