The Sunday Debate: Who was the greatest English monarch? In Partnership with History Hit
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Sign up for Intelligence Squared Premium here: for ad-free listening, bonus content, early access and much more. See below for details. In October Intelligence Squared partnered with History Hit to ask, who was the greatest English monarch? Each of the kings and queens competing for the title left a distinctive stamp on their era – but who did most to shape the nation and the lives of its people? Who was the cleverest? Who was the bravest? Who was the most loved? Hosted by History Hit's Dan Snow, this lively event throws light on the monarchy as an institution, exploring how it has survived the challenges and vicissitudes of the ages.  Tom Holland - Alfred the Great Tracy Borman - Henry VIII Helen Castor - Elizabeth I Jane Ridley - Queen Victoria Premium subscribers to Intelligence Squared can also access an extended audience Q&A with our panel as well as the final votes for the debate. … We are incredibly grateful for your support. To become an Intelligence Squared Premium subscriber, follow the link:  Here’s a reminder of the benefits you’ll receive as a subscriber: Ad-free listening, because we know some of you would prefer to listen without interruption  One early episode per week Two bonus episodes per month A 25% discount on IQ2+, our exciting streaming service, where you can watch and take part in events live at home and enjoy watching past events on demand and without ads  A 15% discount and priority access to live, in-person events in London, so you won’t miss out on tickets Our premium monthly newsletter  Intelligence Squared Merch Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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