Really Great Because of How Great It Is
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In this week's episode of Intentionally Blank, Brandon and Dan read some podcast name suggestions delivered via paper airplane, discuss the evolution of their signatures, delve into the problems of much of today’s criticism, and a bit about Roger Ebert’s controversial statement that “Video games can never be art.” You can join the discussion and vote for your favorite podcast title at r/sanderson: Can be listened to almost everywhere podcasts can be found. Produced by Adam Horne Sound engineering and editing by Daniel Thompson
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Brandon and Dan talk about: Magic The Gathering and games in general, why Brandon stuck with MtG and Dan Didn’t, their basic philosophies of their lives as centered around games Sprinkled with their normal meandering tangents. You don’t need to be super-hardcore into MtG to listen.  You can join...
Published 10/20/21
Brandon and Dan talk about spoilers and their effects on the enjoyment of media and movies they liked more the second time around. This episode contains major spoilers for The Village and The Prestige. You can join the discussion and vote for your favorite podcast title at r/sanderson:...
Published 10/13/21
Brandon and Dan talk about really bad story ideas including alternate dimension time travel disaster tourism and workshop them out of terribleness(?) that leads to a discussion about where they would go in time, if they could. This, unsurprisingly, leads to a tangent about general travel,...
Published 10/06/21