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Welcome to Interesting If True, the podcast that encourages you to date… poorly. I'm your host this week, Shea, and with me are: Aaron and Steve I'm Aaron, and I had to go to r/ShowerThoughts for today’s lesson because I'm a hoser. I'm Steve, and I’m just glad to be here today… also tacos are good. Round Table: DQ Bingo turn out and such This Week's Beer * Shea: 8* Steve: 6* Aaron: 8 The Dating Game Where Nobody Wins While helping my single friend, well, help is a strong word. While trying to torment my single friend I stumbled on a trove of really niche dating websites. From diaper lovers to hot sauce meet-ups with just about everything in between. Now to stand out, these websites try to be creative with their names, most of the time it just ends up confusing, as I was telling my wife some of the names and we had a fun time trying to figure out what their “kink” was. So today I have scoured the web and found some really “great,” terrible dating sites and I will challenge Aaron and Steve to figure out who they are catering to. All of these websites are real or were real at one time. So today I give you, The Dating Game where nobody wins! * Our first weird dating app from the corners of the web is What sort of people is Bristlr looking for? * -Bearded people and beard lovers. From their website “Part social network, part dating service, Bristlr has become the world’s favorite beard-centric app. Started as something of a joke in October 2014 by then-28-year-old John Kershaw, Bristlr has now created more than half a million connections between those with beards, and those who want to stroke them. The app has grown into a fully-fledged and feature-rich dating service used in more than 100 cities worldwide. Bristlr is available on the web at, and as a free Android and iOS app.” If you are looking for something a bit less hairy I might suggest Stache Passions which has a lot cheaper looking website and any dates probably come with a free kidney removal * Luxy at has been around since 2014 and has apparently helped pair over 3 million people across the globe, which seems like a lot. They bill themselves as matching sophisticated and successful singles. New users to Luxy will be prompted to select their favorite brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Cartier. Your favorites show up at the bottom of your profile so that when you're shopping for a date, you can bond over your preferred brands… Who is Luxy for? * Millionaires not Sugar Daddys An initial profile review during the first 24h or the photo verification is highly esteemed by our members. These features help keep the Luxy community excellent and safe. An additional highlight is Luxy’s Income Verification with which wealthy members are able to find matches within the same economic brackets when verifying their income or assets. They make sure to check your financials so you can pair with a similar tax bracket… a Very good-looking website though with lots of stock photos of pretty people and 5-star testimonies that don’t really testify to anything. Def a great app to look into. Oh, and it once referred to itself as "Tinder, minus the poor people." * Positive Singles.
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