Towns in Iceland
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After weeks of teasing the topic, our hosts look back on their summer trip to Iceland in search of adventure and a better understanding of the lives of their ancestors who immigrated to North America generations ago. Join Phil and Danielle as they recap their captivating journey through the stunning landscapes of Iceland on a quest to explore where their ancestors once called home. Journeying over land and water, from hot springs to breathtaking fjords, they traced the footsteps of their forebears to discover the stories that connect them to that land of fire and ice. If you’re looking ahead to your future and thinking about living or vacationing in far-off, exotic places, click here for the Rule #1 Retirement Calculator to see if you’re prepared for life after work: Topics Discussed: Icelandic ancestry Touring Iceland Lifestyle of Icelandic homesteaders Risks of investing vs living off the land Resources Discussed: Íslendingagbók North Iceland tours with Thor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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