The boys discuss the finale episode, "See How They Fly" with special guest Alana Fickes!
Published 12/19/19
The boys discuss episode 8 of the series, "A God Walks Into Abar" with special guest Alana Fickes!
Published 12/11/19
The boys discuss episode 7 of the series, "An Almost Religious Awe" with special guest Alana Fickes!
Published 12/05/19
Published 11/27/19
The boys discuss episode 5 of the series, "Little Fear Of Lightning" with special guest William Haynes!
Published 11/20/19
The boys discuss episode 4 of the series, "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own" with special guest Malcolm Barrett!
Published 11/14/19
The boys are back! And this time they're covering the new HBO series Watchmen! On this episode the boys discuss the first 3 episodes of the series, "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice", "Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship" and "She Was Killed by Space Junk" with special guest Alana Fickes!
Published 11/07/19
Published 04/01/19
Chris McCaleb joins us along with Owen Carter, as we watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull together for some reason. Actually that reason is, Chris told me that he has never seen it. So of course I had to share that awful hell with him. If I have to go down, I'm taking Chris with me!
Published 11/13/18
Brett and Steve discuss the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Halloween movie that JUST CAME OUT IN THEATERS! Also a special guest stops by...
Published 10/24/18
Brett, Steve and Alana discuss Castle Rock episodes 05 and 06, "Harvest" and "Filter"
Published 10/15/18
The gang discusses Castle Rock episodes 3 and 4, "Local Color" and "The Box"
Published 09/18/18
Published 09/10/18
Steve, Brett, Rachel and Alana watch the 1987 classic Joel Schumacher cult film The Lost Boys!
Published 08/27/18
Steve, Brett and Rachel watch Ruthless People, starring Danny DeVito and Bette Midler!
Published 07/16/18
Steve, Brett, and special guest Brad Register, watch Robert Altman's cocaine fueled live-action nightmare "Popeye" starring the late Robin Williams!
Published 06/04/18
OWEN IS BACK on this week's mini-sode of The First Time Show! We're watching Don Hertzfeldt's cult classic Oscar winning short, Rejected!
Published 05/14/18
WE BACK! And this one is a little different! We're joined by Brett Register and Rachel Evans! And we watched Flatliners!
Published 04/25/18
I'm sorry. This movie was really bad. Please welcome first time FIRST TIMERS, Bree Essrig and Lauren Garroni!
Published 01/22/18
WE BACK! Join Steve and VERY SPECIAL GUESTS Rachel Evans and first time FIRST TIMER Tony Revolori as we discuss Extra Terrestrial: The Extra Terrestrial.
Published 01/10/18
Steve and Brett discuss the titillating Steven Soderbergh stripper movie, Magic Mike.
Published 11/28/17
This episode features the lovely Dani Fernandez and Rachel Evans, as they discuss Joel Schumacher's fever dream Batman & Robin
Published 11/06/17
Steve and Brett discuss the Netflix movie Death Note, with special guests Emily Louise and Julia Fang!
Published 10/30/17