Welcome back to Season 2! This week we are catching up and giving you the low down on what we have been up to! We are also getting stuck back in to your guys dilemmas you have sent us.  Enjoy! X
Published 04/11/21
Published 04/11/21
Welcome back to season 2! This week we have the lovely Jade Alexandra joining us. This BOSS BABE chats all things from business to bridezillas. Enjoy x
Published 04/04/21
Welcome back to Season 2! This episode we delve into the harsh reality of being a modern day woman. We also talk about the situations you guys have felt unsafe/vulnerable in. Like always we look forward to hearing your feedback!  Enjoy! X
Published 03/28/21
Welcome back to Season 2! This week we are talking about our traditional St. Patrick’s day mayhems, coping with our partners becoming Instagram famous and just some all round craic! Enjoy! X
Published 03/21/21
Welcome back to season 2! This week we are talking about our different opinions on the vaccine, Meghan and Harry and our anxious feelings about getting back into reality. Enjoy! X 
Published 03/14/21
Welcome back to our 8th Episode & our last of the season 🙈 This week we reveal both ours and your embarrassing stories, also get to know us a little better as a group! Thank you to everyone who have joined us & listened in to this season, we have had so much fun making them! Enjoy this episode and see you all in Season 2 ✌🏼✨
Published 02/07/21
Welcome back to our 7th Episode ✨  We are very excited to introduce our first ever guest, Tara Mc Caughan.  On this weeks episode, Tara speaks openly and honestly about her life. Discussing everything, from travelling across the world to life after being diagnosed with Glioblastoma (Stage 4, Brain Tumour). Her positive outlook on life and determination will provide listeners with positivity and motivation.  We do not doubt that Taras story will inspire each and every listener✨
Published 01/31/21
Welcome back to our 6th Episode! You might have seen in recent weeks the headlines on the arrest of a certain celebrity. So we decided to tackle the subject on revenge porn and giving you an insight to our thoughts on it. But don't worry its not all doom and gloom on this weeks episode, tune in to find out! Enjoy 💕 
Published 01/26/21
Welcome back to our 5th Episode ✨ In this weeks podcast we are talking all things Sex and The City, struggling with relationships in this lockdown, getting to know our girl Rachel a little bit more and also your dilemmas! We hope you enjoy the episode! 🦋
Published 01/17/21
Welcome back to our 4th Episode ✨ In this weeks podcast we are trying to kick those January blues, diving in to the questions you guys sent in for our girl Aoibheann & getting through your dilemmas! We hope you enjoy this weeks podcast 💘
Published 01/10/21
Welcome back to all you babes who are joining us again in our 3rd episode ✨ This week we are talking about all your unpopular Christmas opinions, New Years Resolutions & your general girly chit chat! We hope you enjoy! 💞
Published 01/03/21
Welcome to the 2nd episode of our Podcast! 🤍 This week we talk about Jesy Nelson, getting to know our 2020 bride Holly Moore-Wilson and answering your dilemmas. We hope you enjoy and don't forget to send us your dilemmas over on  our Instagram @itiswhatitisgirls 💋
Published 12/20/20
Welcome to our first ever Podcast!💕   We are so excited to share with you our FIRST ever podcast! Bare with us, the whole thing is very knew to us. We hope that you all enjoy & we can't wait to hear your feedback!   If 2020 has taught us anything it is to take things as they come. What will be will be & at the end of the day IT IS WHAT IS my friend 💕
Published 12/13/20