"A Hot Guy with a Bag of Maccas Comes in..." A Nightmare Fuel with Toni Lodge
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Author and Comedian Toni Lodge's flirting attempts at a house party have led to this week's HILARIOUS Nightmare Fuel.  Send your Nightmare Fuel via voice note to [email protected] LINKS  Listen to Abbie's 'Hot Nights' radio show podcast https://bit.ly/3vDRYDw Listen to Toni's podcast Toni and Ryan http://bit.ly/3JPau2q Buy Toni's book "I Don't Need Therapy" http://bit.ly/400FqCi  Follow @tonilodge on IG  Follow the podcast @itsalotpod on IG  CREDITS  Host: Abbie Chatfield  https://www.instagram.com/abbiechatfield/ Guest: Toni Lodge https://www.instagram.com/tonilodge/?hl=en Executive Producer: Lem Zakharia https://www.instagram.com/lemzakharia/Digital and Co-Creative Producer: Oscar Gordon https://www.instagram.com/oscargordon/Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh Find more great podcasts like this at www.listnr.com/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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