E137 - Off to the Races - Dragonborn: Hooked on Draconics
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Time to take a deep breath and exhale - It’s time for Dragonborn on the It’s A Mimic! podcast!  This week, the panel of Dungeon Masters discuss the much-maligned and -beloved final race in the Player's Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons.  Topics range from a societal breakdown to religious outlooks, and include the viability of breath attacks, the offerings from Strongholds & Followers, and the mind of Matt Mercer... all while Terry shows us just how much Uncle Terry has grown in the past three years of the show!   Cold Open 0:00:00 Intro 0:02:59 Dragonborn History/Lore  0:06:32 Breath Weapons 0:49:54 Chromatic/Metallic Attitudes 1:06:34 Draconblood 1:24:11 Ravenite 1:29:12 Homebrew Inspiration 1:30:23 Character Builds 1:34:28 Outro 1:43:41 Gemstone Dragonborn 1:44:42 Bloopers 1:48:03   Available On: iTunes | Spotify | Podbean | YouTube Don’t forget to Like/Follow/Subscribe/Whatever when you listen! Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit Email: [email protected] Intro/Outro Music by: Cory Wiebe Logo by: Kate Skidmore
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