I understand that controlling your emotions and mastering them can be incredibly challenging. Emotions often overwhelm us, resembling a vast and powerful river or ocean in which we find ourselves drowning. We become deeply immersed in our feelings, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, or depression. In those moments, it feels as though these emotions completely engulf us, leaving little room for anything else. We become the emotion itself, allowing it to embody us. However, I...
Published 05/30/23
In your life, you may often find yourself hesitating to do things you want to do, while gravitating towards familiar and less challenging tasks. It's important to recognize that this resistance comes from internal factors, driven by self-criticism and fear of negative outcomes. You may be engaged in a battle within yourself, worrying about your abilities, how others will perceive your efforts, and the potential for failure. These concerns can hold you back from fully embracing the things you...
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23
In this episode, I talk about the challenging terrain of self-criticism and offer guidance on how to navigate it while creating a meaningful trajectory for your life.
Published 05/24/23
In this episode, I delve into the transformative power of embracing new experiences. Join me in exploring the profound impact that seeking out and embracing unfamiliar situations can have on our lives.
Published 05/24/23
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Published 03/09/23
I've always been curious about the nature of friendships. So many of them are strong and true, yet their nature fluctuates when facing the tests of time. In this short recording, I talk about my thoughts on the matter.
Published 02/17/23
The loud noises around you kept echoing until you stopped hearing yourself. They made you forget what you used to care about. This recording is an attempt to remedy that.
Published 02/10/23
There's a beautiful energy when you do things spontaneously and fluidly, as opposed to trying to force things that don't come naturally to you. This episode as a clear attempt to represent that.
Published 01/22/23
It has been a while. Consider this recording a mental health check.
Published 12/31/22
It happens so often that you ignore how you react or respond to your surroundings. Sometimes, you act out thinking it's just a response from an 'audience' perspective. You think, "This isn't even about me!" Without realizing it, it is defining you too.
Published 10/27/22
Somehow, life becomes so dull, and you find yourself completely drained. Empty, unable to refill. Nothing makes you feel anything. You think about it, but it's tough to find an answer. It feels hopeless, as if this will continue forever, but is there really no hope?
Published 10/17/22
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Published 09/28/22
A particular dynamic occurs when you educate yourself, read more, and become more literate. It's the harmony between knowledge and clarity. I talk about the difference between the two, how they work together, and the importance of taking action.
Published 09/12/22
There's one thing in common among all that you do: the way your soul is present in them.
Published 08/14/22
The past few months have been hectic and demanding, but they were also filled with lessons and experiences that I intend to share with you. In this episode, I discuss the scarcity of genuine human interaction and its necessity, the barriers put between you and other people, and the effect of your environment on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. So, I hope you enjoy this episode!
Published 08/01/22
I'm back after not having uploaded for a couple of months. Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly. I hope you enjoy this episode!
Published 04/24/22
Having a goal (or several goals) is essential to meaning to your existence. But what if you find yourself lacking with no goals or purpose? Dealing with feeling hollow, the encounters you have during your wandering, and the distension between an end-goal and an ongoing journey are all part of today's talk.
Published 01/30/22
Being stuck in limbo is quite terrible, and it has many negative aspects. It's frustrating, demoralizing, and downright depressing. However, the worst part is that it puts your soul in a state of decay. So, how do you handle it? How do you get back on your feet and get moving again?
Published 01/14/22
In this episode, I talk about the lack of purpose, vulnerability, and the difference between being vulnerable and weak. I discuss how to humble the ego and secure it, and allow yourself to admit needing help. Among these topics, I also point out the functionality of having a support system.
Published 01/06/22
In this episode, I talk about love and what it means in a broad sense. I discuss how it is expressed as an emotion, where and when it applies, who it applies to, how it affects your life, and the essential value it has. I talk about the common idea of love, which is romanticism, and the difference between a romantic relationship and love. I discuss the role of love in a relationship and where it fits with all the other elements that make up a healthy relationship.
Published 11/23/21
In this episode, I discuss how life can be quite overwhelming to a point where you find yourself constantly running. You’re juggling so many things, trying to allocate your energy, focus, and time but always ending up running out. The realization that you have unlimited things to do and a limited amount of resources makes you reevaluate their value. It also makes you think; what to do? How do you avoid reaching burnout when trying to allocate your time and effort? I also talk about the...
Published 10/22/21
New beginnings. The difficulties of starting anew. Having the capacity to handle what life throws at you. The choices of living genuinely and truthfully.
Published 08/17/21
The story you write for yourself has a drastic effect on how you view what happens to you. A contamination narrative causes you to feel tainted, while in a redemption narrative, you find ways to use your pain as a tool for growth.
Published 07/31/21
You could lose sense of who you are. You become stuck in a vortex that grows stronger the longer you are in it. The passion that once was your drive is no longer there, and you find yourself wondering; "How did I get here? How can I be myself again?"
Published 06/07/21