Episode 6 - Fabulous Fiber Fall
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What an incredible fall we have shaping up!  In this episode I detail all the amazing things going on around the farm in the coming weeks: Fiber Harvest hand delivered by our processor: Spinderella's Fiber Mill - www.spinderellas.com "Spinning Yarns" Storytelling Day with great food, live music and old Texas yarns told by the Peggy and Gene - www.twicetellers.com The Kid N Ewe and Llamas, Too Fiber Festival in Boerne, TX www.kidnewe.com 2010 Shares Available:  Current shareholders have until October 31 to reserve a share, and then on November 1, all remaining shares will be open to the public. My sound quality needs some improvement, and I could use some advice about that.  Hope it's not too distracting. Remember:  Life's uncertain - Spin dessert first!
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A little delayed, but ready to kick off a new year in style!  Today we talk about the holiday season just past - the good, the bad, and the aesthetically challenged: Tragedy: Esther and EliRescue Great Pyrenees? www.txgreatpyreneesrescue.orgShotgun practiceSick alpacasCover article in The Allen...
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In this episode, three fiber fans visit together on the road home from the Kid N Ewe Fiber Fest in Boerne, TX.  Mary, Laurie and I talk about lots of things we saw and did during the three-day festival including: Hokett Would Work: would.work@yahoo.com Jim Hokett's gorgeous wooden weaving and...
Published 11/19/09