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It's onto Zoom again as Jason & Osi take on Euro 2020, Ronaldo, Taking the knee, Aaron Rodgers and get into YOUR questions in #ASKOSI and #ASKJBELL on social media. #UPRISE #imeatendtly Back in a fortnight...just after the semi-finals for EPISODE 99Clips @NFLUKA Shooting Shark Production for the NFL
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WATCH THE WHOLE EPISODE NOW on NFLUK YouTube J & O are back to discuss scrambling Quarterbacks, Taunting and Tacos. Osi recommends a book which he will tell us all more about next week. If you want to read along with Osi, it's called Taboo: 10 Facts You Can't Talk About by Wilfred Reilly...
Published 09/21/21
NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR EYES @ NFLUK on YouTube Week One of the NFL is in the books and Jason and Osi have their thoughts about players who can suck in the first game of the season...even Osi did! It's raining in London and everything stops. Plus Packers and Saints thoughts and all the usual...
Published 09/15/21
NOW AVAILABLE ON YOU TUBE....HERE! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ_9J1WMSWM Osi has failed! He PROMISED to get the podcast closed down, but here we are on EPISODE ONE HUNDRED, but the first one to watch IN FULL on YouTube.  The NFL is back and so are J&O with stories of London life, NFL...
Published 09/08/21