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WATCH THE WHOLE EPISODE NOW on NFLUK YouTube J & O are back to discuss scrambling Quarterbacks, Taunting and Tacos. Osi recommends a book which he will tell us all more about next week. If you want to read along with Osi, it's called Taboo: 10 Facts You Can't Talk About by Wilfred Reilly Plus there is a great opportunity for a fast food company to sponsor the Jason & Osi Podcast!! I mean he literally has BELL in his name! UPRISE Clips @NFLUK  A Shooting Shark Production for the NFL 
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WATCH ON THE NFLUK YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVe0dAja_vZCmvfHXjtdRQA And we are back with another Jason & Osi Podcast with all the reaction to the London NFL Games 2021, chat chat chat about The Rams, Raiders and Steelers...and the answer to the question 'Who is the...
Published 10/19/21
Also available for your EYES on NFLUK YouTube The boys cover it ALL this week, as we sit between NFL London Games, and a day late with the podcast for VERY good reason. Jason and Osi attended the NFL IPP combine on Tuesday as athletes from the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa and Australasia tried...
Published 10/13/21
The Jason & Osi Podcast NOW available on NFLUK on YouTube A lot of love for a certain NFLer who Osi and Jason hold in the highest regard, some London Games excitement and big respect to the Arizona Cardinals. Plus some visa nonsense and Jason raps...sort of... UPRISE  Clips on @NFLUK A...
Published 10/05/21