Col3trane is a singer-songwriter with a unique background having been raised in the UK and the US. Writing for artists, pursuing his own solo career and finding his way through the industry has lead to some realisations about the impact of other people's words on his confidence and his expectations. Sitting down with Chuckie Online for JD In The Duffle Bag and Lacoste, the emerging star got deep into his career so far.
Published 08/25/21
Nobody has ever done it like Fumez The Engineer. One of the pace-setting musical taste-makers in the UK, Fumez The Engineer has the streets, the schools and the charts all waiting to see his next move. Sitting down with Chuckie Online courtesy of Hoodrich the West London engineer/mogul breaks down his journey through music and YouTube, talks about doing it all organically, dealing with backlash and more...
Published 07/28/21
JD In The Duffle Bag is where artists come to unload, talk with no filter and go direct to their audience with facts, figures and opinions. This latest episode sets new standards though as the iconic Dizzee Rascal sits down with our very own Chuckie Online courtesy of New Era to talk about his role in UK music, the doors he broke down, the people he avoids and the perspective so many have had on his incredible career.
Published 07/21/21
Fresh from shooting a documentary in Ghana, we got Chuckie Online to jump on Zoom with singer/ songwriter/ creative WolfTyla to talk about how Kylie Jenner is impacting the music business, how her journey started in social media, working in K-Pop and more...
Published 06/30/21
Overlooking the iconic Elland Road pitch where Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds United have marked their return to Premier League football this season by becoming the neutral's favourite team, Chuckie Online welcomed Kalvin Phillips to the JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast to talk about his upbringing, making it to the biggest league in the world, his thoughts on the European Super League and more...
Published 05/19/21
Nines rarely makes himself available for podcast appearances, so this one had to be special! Sitting down with Chuckie Online, the North West London mogul talks about how he's approaching rap music this year, hitting number one in the album charts, his career before rap and more...
Published 04/14/21
Anthony Joshua and DJ Ace chat to Potter Payper about career set backs, rising to the top and the bond between rappers and athletes. Rate us and let us know who you want AJ to talk to next!
Published 04/01/21
Anthony Joshua and DJ Ace sit down with Football Freestyler Jeremy Lynch and talk about just what it takes to make it to the top. Give us a rating and tell us who you want our guy AJ to chat with on the next episode!
Published 03/25/21
Anthony Joshua and DJ Ace sit down with Ghetts as they catch up on writing & releasing a no.1 album during the pandemic. Leave us a rating and let us know who you want to hear on the next episode.
Published 03/18/21
Deno sits down with Chuckie Online for a full breakdown of that viral clip, working with Cadet, getting the Stormzy co-sign, developing from a meme into an artist, working on new music, traveling, coping in the pandemic and a whole lot more...
Published 02/24/21
Sneakbo is a legend of UK rap and in his first sit-down with Chuckie Online, the Brixton raised star talks about never celebrating his incredible success, escaping the trouble that plagued his early years, connecting with Drake, seeing the world and a whole lot more.
Published 02/17/21
New to the JD family, WillNE sits down with Chuckie Online for the first time to talk about his YouTube rise, his relationship with Blackpool grime, going on a comedy tour, the new rules of YouTube and more.
Published 02/10/21
East London songstress Tiana Major9 has already achieved so much. Nominated for a Grammy, signing to Motown Records, garnering YouTube views in the 10s of millions and so much more. Sitting down with Chuckie Online Tiana talks about that Grammy moment, finding her sound, representing for East London and more.
Published 02/02/21
One of the most in-depth chats with Ms Banks on any platform, Chuckie gets into her come-up, finding her voice, South London, creating club bangers in an era when the clubs are closed, finding enjoyment, guys taking themselves too seriously in clubs and more.
Published 01/26/21
The UK has been waiting for this sit down between one of the great stories of 2020, the chart topping Potter Payper changed his life in the middle of a pandemic and is growing into his role as one of the most considered and appreciated voices in rap music, so sitting down with Chuckie Online for an in-depth chat nothing is off the table. Talking about his own realisations, being guided by those who have fallen before him, being grateful for his freedom and a whole lot more.
Published 01/19/21
One of the most requested guests on the JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast, Ghetts steps into the studio courtesy of PUMA to talk with Chuckie about being inspired by Dave, finding a new zone, switching things up again, creating opportunities, the incredible IC3 with Skepta and more.
Published 12/23/20
A legend in the YouTube space, Miniminter is part of the game changing Sidemen and has an incredible nine-million subscribers in his own right. One of the most respected personalities in the genre, Chuckie Online sits down with the 20 something mogul to talk about his journey through self-produced media.
Published 12/17/20
Fresh from the 2020 JD Christmas Advert, AJ Tracey sat down with Becca Dudley for JD In The Duffle Bag to talk about dealing with fame, managing his money, looking after his mum, having nothing but respect for his peers and the very reasons he does what he does.
Published 12/08/20
Leomie Anderson was scouted on the streets of South London and has progressed through the modelling industry to become one of the most talked about names in fashion, Now standing at the vanguard of style, entertainment and celebrity, Leomie plans to make her experiences work not just for her, but for young people hoping to follow in her footsteps. Sitting down with Chuckie Online for the JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast she talks early experiences, meeting expectations, setting new targets and...
Published 11/25/20
Mabel has had an incredible two years and as we head toward the close of 2020 it felt like the perfect time for Chuckie Online to sit down with the Don't Call Me Up singer to talk about finding herself as an artist and a person at the same time, putting her career before her personal life, finding the perfect team to help her progress and some key career moments.
Published 11/12/20
The JD In The Duffle Bag Podcast launched in 2019 with Aitch and Chuckie Online sitting down to talk through the young Manchester rapper's burgeoning career and now in 2020 the chart topping series is back and we had to re-launch with a reunion. Aitch and Chuckie catch-up on his push for independence, being motivated by the doubters, expanding his portfolio and more...
Published 11/04/20
Crossing genres, breaking down boundaries and soundtracking the some of the great moments of the last few summers, WSTRN have a story unlike any other group in the UK. From In2's breakout smash, to losing one third of the group for an extended period, to taking their respect and staying on top of their respective fields for the long-run, Louis Rei and Haile sat-down with JD In The Duffle Bag's Chuckie Online to talk about it all.
Published 09/09/20
Chuckie welcomed Craig Mitch and Chelcee Grimes into the Upfront Studio to breakdown their career paths, how they made names for themselves in football, their paths through education and their unique backgrounds in the entertainment business.
Published 09/01/20
Bringing the biggest talking points to the roundtable, Chuckie Online welcomes Zeze Millz and Sharky onto Upfront for an insightful episode. The indomitable Zeze Millz brings a fresh perspective to the black British experience with a life uniquely lived and retold, while Sharky reflects on his East African upbringing, finding his place in London and in the world of YouTube and more.
Published 08/25/20
Kid Kudz is on the rise with his infections melodies and soulful flows and sitting down with JD In The Duffle Bag's Chuckie Online the Nigerian born rapper broke down his life as an artist, his life back home, his transition into fatherhood, his positive mind-state and more.
Published 08/18/20